[Done]-[NCG20201209]-NULS Web Wallet BUG

Hello dear NULS Community.

I have encountered a bug in NULS web wallet. The bug is acknowledged by the NULS team and they are working on fixing it.

When this bug was triggered, I lost 10,000 NULS. I have video proof of how this bug can be triggered but can not post this until the NULS team has solved it for security reasons.

I turn to you who want to help me get my 10,000NULS back by voting.

My address:

Yes, the bug exist and we were able to recreate it. For legal reasons NULS foundation can’t refund directly but community can (and should vote to) refund this community member.

This discussion will last a week and voting will start.

Please contact me @Berzeck1 at Telegram if you have more questions.


The vote is done and i have recived my tokens back.

Thansk everybody!

tx: 14f2206081500b3b544d2a701fd1495a8fb23d35152920f33d2dae2d3a5abf87

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