[Done]-[NCG20201209]-Nuls reclaim tokens after swap

Hi Berzeck,

Following our conversation on Telegram, I would like to claim my 505.8 NULS, my last transaction in that address was around 2 years ago, and all I want, is to stake NULS in hard wallet and I miss the swap.

Address - xB91318F35Bdb262E9423Bc7c7c2A3A93DD93C92C

Thanks so much for the help!

This proposal is being monitored by the Council and it was agreed to let people vote. Voting will start between 10 - 14 days from the day this proposal was made. Good luck!

The proposal is ready to be submitted for voting.
1] Please go to https://gov.nuls.io/gov/proposal/createProposal 3
2] login with NULS address
3] You need to have 1 nuls in that account
4] copy paste the current proposal’s text

If you have any question contact me at telegram @Berzeck1

Vote has been approved.
Please send your ERC20 tokens to 0x53d4a0088e58750a7b8ea436d525471b3ee0717e
Post tx id: and also the NULS address where you want to receive your real NULS

Hi Berzeck,
Done, tx id is:

And the real nuls address for the tokens to be send:

Hi Berzeck,
I got my tokens, thank you very very much for your amazing support!