[Done]-[NCG20201029]-ERC20 Swap request please

Hello All

As specified in https://www.reddit.com/r/nulsservice/comments/il585j/about_nuls_erc20_swap/ post, I kindly request my tokens to be swapped from erc20 address:0x9Bc40424E1569FCeA9cCc4a25ED98199D6CD9e3b
as you can see, these have had no movement after main net in July 2018.
My 4446.3 NULS were transferred to my Eidoo Wallet on the 20/1/18 and have remain there ever since.
My apologies for not swapping these tokens earlier.
Firstly my phone was stolen and I lost my keys to the Eidoo wallet. I eventually found my written note with the keys on it behind my shelves only last month which was a huge relief only to realised I missed the deadline.
I would greatly appreciate the new opportunity to swap these token.
Thanks for reading my case.

Yours truly

This proposal is being monitored by the Council and it was agreed to let people vote. Voting will start between 10 - 14 days from the day this proposal was made. Good luck!
Personally, I will vote yes!

The proposal is ready to be submitted for voting.
1] Please go to https://gov.nuls.io/gov/proposal/createProposal
2] login with NULS address
3] copy paste the current proposal’s text

If you have any question contact me at telegram @Berzeck1

sorry having difficulties following the instructions. I have messaged on telegram

Thank you all that voted for my successful token swap request.
Much appreciated.

I await further instructions

Vote has been approved.
Please send your ERC20 tokens to 0x53d4a0088e58750a7b8ea436d525471b3ee0717e
Post tx id: and also the NULS address where you want to receive your real NULS

TX ID: 0xf184132ae9cb198633cabefa3c99f76be14abf1b8bf9280229669ee7a8a287cd

NULS Wallet Address: NULSd6HgeGo49MyuWRtkvyXJtUYGaDojLrXLK