[Done]-[NCG20201008]-ERC20 token swap request

Hi Team,

As specified in https://www.reddit.com/r/nulsservice/comments/il585j/about_nuls_erc20_swap/ post, I kindly request my tokens to be swapped from erc20 address: 0xeaC048dc2Fcc4482Fd37271a3c84B8a94b869dA9 as you can see, these had no movement after main net in July 2018 from the TX Hash https://etherscan.io/tx/0x7bfdcb34fdc50d03db3a2534c5b77c83c43efcd7a1bd862af35d3bcbe8fe0e46

I am sorry for not swapping before. I purchased Nuls at $2.75 a token and I believed at the time that cold storage on MEW was much safer then on an exchange and then Binance cut me off as a US citizen. I also thought that automatic swaps happened on the exchange but I could always manual swap later but I want to take the opportunity given.

Thank you very much everybody, this has been a big stress for me.

Yours truly

This proposal is being monitored by the Council and it was agreed to let people vote. Voting will start between 10 - 14 days from the day this proposal was made. Good luck!
Personally, I will vote yes!

The proposal is ready to be submitted for voting.
1] Please go to https://gov.nuls.io/gov/proposal/createProposal
2] login with NULS address
3] copy paste the current proposal’s text

If you have any question contact me at telegram @Berzeck1

Vote has been approved.
Please send your ERC20 tokens to 0x53d4a0088e58750a7b8ea436d525471b3ee0717e
Post tx id: and also the NULS address where you want to receive your real NULS

I sent the tokens to the address.

Transaction hash:

This is the address of my Nuls wallet:


Thank You,