[Done]-[NCG20200927]-Aplication for Canada ambassadorship

A respectful greeting to the entire NULS community.

My name is Felipe González, I live in Quebec, Canada and I’m passionate about NULS and the Blockchain technology. I’m a founder of Cryptorunning, a company hundred percent at the service of the Blockchain community.

I would like to present my candidacy as Ambassador in Canada and I ask that you allow me to count on your support to continue raising awareness of the NULS ecosystem and helping to extend its benefits to as many people as possible.


1- I intend to take advantage of the internet(social media) and the speed of communication of groups such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to publish constantly an article or news about how NULS is contributing and can improve transparency in many processes of our life (contracts for the provision of services, contracts for the development of infrastructure in each Province and State, security and impartiality in the election process in both government and private companies, etc.), and how NULS can prevent manipulation or distribution unfair of the human and / or material resources of our cities and poorest countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, etc.).

2- I propose to increase the knowledge of what is NULS and its innovative consensus mechanism(POCM), I can organize discussions panels with others ambassadors. I plan to invite and involve the different Blockchain groups that exist in the city, including the Cryptocurrency group that meets at Laval University, and extend them to other Universities (HEC Montreal, Jhon Molson business school, and much more).

3- I want to carry out other small meetings or virtual discussions groups with friends from the Blockchain community across Canada and Colombia, in order to create strategic points of growth and knowledge of the NULS ecosystem. How? I will be willing to distribute rewards from my node NULS at people involved in this project.

4- I want to make some tutorials videos for everyone explaining and simplifying how to use the chain factory. I have the help of programmer friends who are with me in this project.

5- Where I live, French is spoken as the official language and in Canada there are many other cities and provinces where French is spoken, so I have invested part of my time in translating from English to French, and I plan to continue doing so to manage the mass media publishing news and making the NULS projects known to the entire French-speaking community in my country (I even think it would be possible to extend to France, Belgium and Switzerland, it is a dream, but achievable).

I am passionate about NULS, I got te conviction in its potential, in the human quality and the values of the people who are involved in the project and I want to participate in this adventure, helping in everything in my power to create and develop the NULS community in French & Spanish. There is a large number of young entrepreneurs who are unaware of the potential of NULS and I want to be a ‘Bridge’ through which communication and knowledge of this project.

Here is my proposal, I am sure that there are many other things to do, I will continue learning, there is still much to learn and I need your support to carry it out as NULS Ambassador in Canada. I ‘m sure that together we can and will continue to advance.


Felipe Gonzalez


Hi Felipe! Welcome :hugs: :+1:

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向你们致以最诚挚的问候!我叫Felipe González,来自加拿大魁北克,我对NULS和区块链技术充满热情。我是Cryptorunning的创始人,我们的公司致力于为区块链社区提供全面的服务。



2-我建议增加更多关于NULS基础信息及其创新共识机制(POCM)的资料,我可以与其他大使一起组织讨论小组来谋划宣传。我计划邀请并参与我所在城市的不同区块链社区,包括我在拉瓦尔大学结识的加密货币小组,并逐步延申参与到其他大学(HEC蒙特利尔,Jhon Molson商学院等)。







Thanks for the translation…


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Hi Felipe,

Very nice and detailed plan. Warm welcome!


Hello to all and Felipe,

I’m a friend of Felipe here in Quebec, Canada! I fallow and Hodl NULS since mid 2018. I sell some on the way then buy back in cause I meet Felipe and we start to learn more and more about NULS, and now I stake some! :wink:

Hope he become our ambassador of Canada and It will be nice to have a trilingual speaker here in Quebec.



Your plan is detailed enough for easy grasp and understanding. Good luck man! We are NULS and we work hard


Good luck!!

Here is the voting link:https://gov.nuls.io/gov/proposal/proposalDetail?id=45 May you a successful election! :yum: :hugs: