[Done]-[NCG20200921]-Application Turkey Ambassadors Q4 for 2020

Dear NULS Community,

What I can do in Q4,

*I want to choose NulsStar first,
*I created NULS investors from my business environment in Q3, and I want to continue this in Q4
*I will continue to build more online communities in my own language or region
*I will continue to support articles and news in Turkish,
*I’ll devote more time from Telegram to technical questions and questions about the future
*I will attend blockchain conferences held in my country and explain the structure of the Nuls chain factory.
*I’m helping with some websites , I want to include Nuls news on other websites and introduce NULS more
*I want to start working to improve the NULS documentation
*Writing blog posts about Nuls, interoperability, DeFi, or related topic
*Pursuing potential collaboration opportunities that could benefit the Nuls ecosystem
*Participating in and helping moderate community channels (e.g. Telegram)
*We want to ensure input into strategic decisions through conversations with the NULS leadership team
*I have received and answered many questions about NerveNetwork in my country and now I will direct investors in NerveNetwork
*Binance entered the Turkish market on the local exchange with Binance TR, there are currently very few cryptocurrencies, I’ll meet with the authorities to start the NULS trade.

We have worked together a lot for 9 months and have created a beautiful local community and directed good investors .I want to work again for more…


Here is the voting link:https://gov.nuls.io/gov/proposal/proposalDetail?id=42 May you a successful election! :yum: :hugs:

Thank you Aurora :hugs: