[Done]-[NCG20200722]-Application for NULS Africa Ambassadorship

Dear NULS community,

After a very slow last three months because of the National confinement lockdown where with the help of my fellow nulstar Georgepro, we could only build our regional communities online through twitter (1958 followers through Nuls West Africa) and facebook (706).

As my country is now deconfined, this is my proposal for Q3 2020:

1- Organise at least 1 monthly Meet up or NULS Blockchain 101 / 202 to showcase what can be done with NULS, now that tokens can be easily issued through POCM and also a demo of Chain Factory. These events could be done in association with The Blockchain Mauritius foundation in which I am involved and could be organised at local universities.

2- Write a follow up article Article on how the NULS Blockchain can help improve many of the current flaws of modern life, for example a transaprent and tamper resistant voting system for a co-ownership , a club, a town …

3- I wish to continue look for new projects to build on NULS. When I was NULS ambassador for Africa last year, I forwarded at least 3 geniune and interesting Blockchain projects to the core team to pursue potential collaboration. I do not know if there has been any positive from these leads, but I know that a South African Incubator and VC just announced 2 weeks ago that they will be backing one of these projects as strategic investor.

4- I wish to continue develop the very valuable work of Nulstar George pro, who is helping NULS get exposure and adoption in West Africa.

I hope that I can continue to give my contribution to the NULS project… Now all I need is a hand from the community.

Best regards,

Sebastien Ng Cheong Tin.


Hi Seb, can you contact me on Telegram or Wechat to discuss your application further. Thanks!

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Hi Seb,

The 15 day mandatory community discussion period is over. You may now submit your formal Ambassador application to governance and initiate community voting.

Please let me know if you need my help with anything.


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Hi Seb,

Your application has passed governance and is now enabled for community voting, all the best!



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