[Done]-[NCG20200504]-NULStar Program

1. NULS Abstract

NULS is the first global open source community project to implement a blockchain featuring microservice and a modular architecture. NULS supports homogeneous cross-chains and standardized heterogeneous cross-chains, allowing for the building of a chain in mere minutes via products like Chain Box in conjunction with Chain Factory.

2. NULStar Abstract

NULStar is a program designed to bolster the NULS community. Blockchain enthusiasts from anywhere in the world are invited to join the NULStar program with a mission to build a highly autonomous open source blockchain community with NULS. NULStars are responsible for promoting, branding and seeking business opportunities for NULS. A NULStar is the builder and driver of NULS community and ecosystem, as well as a spokesperson for the worldwide adoption of NULS technologies, concepts, and values.

3. NULStar Guidelines

3.1 Requirements

(1) A passion for blockchain

(2) Alignment with the NULS philosophy

(3) A commitment to invest resources, time and energy for NULS

3.2 Responsibilities

  • Basic duties: Collaboration with NULS core team and community contributors (including community councillors, ambassadors, NTC members, etc.) to participate in community activities and helping new people to learn about NULS.
  • Main responsibilities and KPI:

Community Building

(1)Create a local community of at least 100 persons(including Telegram, WeChat, QQ or any online community)and managing it, continuously recruiting and educating new members;

(2)Continuous sharing of the latest NULS news to the community, purging of spam and undesirable messaging in the community, working with NULS team members and contributors (including council members, ambassadors, NTC members etc), performing of all sorts of marketing and promotion of the NULS brand and image, answering questions, and helping new members understand NULS ;

(3)Sustained activity in the community, sharing of relevant topics, an average of minimum 1 hour of time spent managing the community, and organizing at least one activity, like AMA or similar, whether online or offline;

Community Development

(1) Managing of NULS media, creating and forwarding of NULS articles and videos on various channels like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc, active interaction with official channels, and encouraging members to participate.;

(2) Leading interactions of other blockchain communities with NULS;

(3) Promotion of NULS articles and videos in various media and industries.

Community Talent Development

(1) Attracting interest to technical communities to learn about NTC, and to strengthen the technical community of NULS ;

(2) Attracting interest of prospective NULStars, helping members understand the duties of NULstars in contributing to and growing the NULS community;

(3) Attracting interest of prospective NULS Ambassadors, helping members understand the rights and duties of Ambassadors in contributing to and growing the NULS community.

Business & Ecosystem Development

(1) Representing NULS in attending online or offline activities / getting on stage representing NULS, to conduct sharing

(2) Organizing of NULS activities onine or offline, sharing of NULS’ vision, helping newcomers to understand NULS

(3) Successful listing or liason with local exchanges/large communities/investment firms

(4) Attracting interest of potential SCO partners, providing support / Obtaining agreement of partnership / Successful launching of SCO

(5) As NULStar, visiting potential partners like universities, government bodies etc, and sharing about NULS vision / Achieving actual fruitful discussion / Obtaining partnership and announcement of news

(6) Facilitating merchants to use NULS products and integrating into the NULS ecosystem / Using NULS as a payment method / Creating a blockchain using NULS

Initiator Reward:

Supporting of proposals in the aspects of development, support, follow-up, auditing, and awarding of bounties

3.3 Tenure and Work Report

A NULStar is responsible for community and accept supervision from community.

(1) Tenure: the term of office shall not be less than 3 months;

(2) Report:

① Inaugural report: NULStars shall submit inaugural plan to council before work;

② Term report: NULStars shall submit monthly work report to the whole community, which includes but not limited to work status of this month (completed tasks, expense details, etc.) and the work plan of next month (tasks to be completed, expense budget, etc.)

3.4 Rights and Interests

  • Basic rights and interests

(1) NULStar exclusive honor;

(2) NULStar exclusive blockchain certificate;

(3) NULStar gift package (1 custom NULS medal, 1 custom car sticker, 1 custom summer T-shirt, 1 custom fall sweater, and 1 custom baseball cap);

(4) NULS budget application according to the monthly work plan;

(5) Corresponding NULS rewards monthly based on work results;

  • Rights for Excellent NULStar

NULStar who performs well 1 to 3 months after inauguration will receive additional benefits

(6) Priority application for NULS ambassador

(7) Additional NULS custom gifts and activity materials in priority;

(8) Exclusive technical training

(9) Access to NULS incubation/investment priority

(10) Support of various blockchain industry resources and right to participate in ecosystem projects

(11) Others: Additional incentives for special/significant contributions

3.5 Reward Evaluation and Distribution

(1) Rewards source: NULS special fund

(2) Evaluation: refer to NULStar Bounty Table:https://shimo.im/sheets/VdCqcK9JH8JQvdd9/j4s97

(3) Distribution: after NULStar releases the monthly report to the community at the end of each month (no later than the last day of each month) :

When there are local ambassadors: at the beginning of each month (no more than 2 natural days), ambassadors shall promptly submit the monthly report for preliminary examination. If it’s correct, it shall be submitted to the council in charge for review and then distribute the rewards

When there is no local ambassador: directly submit the report to the council in charge of the review. The rewards will then be promptly distributed.

If NULStar fails to submit the monthly report on time, the review and distribution will be postponed accordingly.

3.6 Budget Application

When participating in conferences, NULStars can apply for relevant fees in advance under the principle of “cost-effective transport, accommodation and catering”.

(1) Fees application: NULS special fund

(2) Fill in the NULStar fee application form :https://shimo.im/sheets/xK8v3whrvCd9cqGy/yLd8d 3-5 working days prior to the event

(3) Email the application to the ambassadors and councillors in charge (if there is no ambassador, directly email the operational councillor)

(4) Ambassadors and the councillors in charge shall send the email to community fund and copy to other councilors after the correct verification. (the audit time for each audit process shall not exceed 2 working days)

(5) Prompt distribution by community foundation.

Note : during the audit, the councilors in charge should note: if NULStar fails to release the monthly report of the previous month on time, the audit can only be approved after posting the monthly report.

3.7 Special Fund

(1) Special funds source : NULS community fund creates one NULStar fund node, stakes 500,000 NULS with 100% commission.All rewards generated from the node are used for NULStar program.

(2) When the number of NULStar is large and the total amount rewards of fund node is insufficient to pay, the community fund can be used upon approval.

3.8 Daily Management

(1) Community channel: Set up the NULStar general group with 4 operational councillors, 1 technical councillor and ambassador.

(2) Regular meeting: All NULStar meetings shall be held every two weeks. Each meeting shall not exceed one hour, and the main content shall be NULS program training and NULStar experience sharing. Those who cannot attend on time need to ask for leave in advance and make a reply later in the group.

(3) Assistance: NULS core team shall provide a staff to assist in meeting hosting, English and Chinese translation, support meeting minutes and arrangement (the staff member shall be able to communicate in English and Chinese).

(4) Monthly report: NULStar shall publish its work report to the community at the end of each month (no later than the last day of each month). (see 3.3 for monthly report reporting requirements)

(5) Voting: the community council shall initiate a vote quarterly in the community for all NULStars ranked in the top two thirds of the vote can participate in the next quarter’s development while the remaining one third will be eliminated. The voting period is seven days. After elimination, if you want to apply again. you need to post a work plan in the forum. After 7 days of discussion and no objection, the councilors will initiate a vote of 7 days for you.

4. NULStar and Ambassador

NULStar is led and directed by the ambassador accordingly. It is the duty of the ambassador to develop and recruit NULStars.

5. NULStar Application

(1) Self-recommendation/Referral (recommended by community members)

(2) Fill in and submit the NULStar application form:https://shimo.im/sheets/vXKtxd8C9HcVxjjv/Rs6Nh

(3) Contact information

(a) Applications in Chinese to Kang Wei
Email: kangst3r@gmail.com
Telegram: juggernot
Wechat: kanger84

(b) Applications in English and other languages to Steven Tuong
Email: steventuong@gmail.com
Telegram: steventuong
Wechat: steventuong

We will contact you within two weeks after receiving the application form.

Related forms:

NULStar Bounty Table:https://shimo.im/sheets/VdCqcK9JH8JQvdd9/j4s97
NULStar application form:https://shimo.im/sheets/vXKtxd8C9HcVxjjv/Rs6Nh

NULStar fee application form :https://shimo.im/sheets/xK8v3whrvCd9cqGy/yLd8d

NULStar Plan:https://shimo.im/docs/90bc674daca34564

NCG20200504NULStar Program

申请类型:创建节点 基金委托
申请金额:20000NULS create node 500000NULS Staking 佣金比例100%
Nulstar Program

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NULStar program proposal has passed with more than 70% agreement.Here is the voting link:https://gov.nuls.io/proposal/proposalDetail?id=27

According to the application,the NULStar node has created.Details as followed:

Node ID:3FC43138
Creating address:NULSd6HgUd6worrBpHiPQ4FLCKxtm1WyDHXD1
Packing address:NULSd6HgWJN2sJ8fjWjtxaUxbUST9GEnpN7Xa
Reward address:NULSd6Hgd6RjVzgqHahJGDV31zvnSUEnWRmj6
Stake amount:50 0000 NULS

We accept the supervision of community.


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