Docker image name: nervenetwork/nerve-wallet-node:v1.3.0

Docker image name: nervenetwork/nerve-wallet-node:v1.3.0

Updating log

  • optimize: Lower the ETH withdrawal fee from 100NVT to 10NVT
  • Optimize: Lower the minimum amount for staking from 10,000 NVT to 1,000 NVT
  • Optimize: Lower the minimum amount for increasing and decreasing nodes deposit from 20,000NVT to 2,000NVT
  • Optimize: DEX business process
  • Add: Set the unlock time for unstaking NVT to 7 days
  • Add: Support the protocol of batch withdrawal of staking, batch merge of current staking, converting current staking to regular , and batch of converting current staking to regular
  • Add: USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC price feed function
  • Add: USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC staking (the upper limit of staking of all stable coins is 2 million)

This upgrade is a protocol upgrade, all nodes need to be updated as soon as possible

Data Package

The Data Package includes blocks from 0-2222k.Node wallet users can directly download it and put it in root directory for avoiding synchronizing data.


The node creator is requested to open the two port numbers 7001 and 7002, otherwise you can’t start consensus node

Resource list: