Crypto Brazil project evolution progress

Hello everyone, I’m Felipe Henrique and today I’m here to present the evolution framework of the Criptos Brasil project, which is a channel focused exclusively on the NULS ecosystem and which aims to bring knowledge and education to all people inside and outside the community .
Over the course of 6 months of work, Criptos Brasil has had a continuous and progressive evolution,our youtube channel, which is the main building block of the project, has grown from 0 members in January 2022 to almost 1000 subscribers within 6 months,during this period, 11 videos were produced on the main technologies of the ecosystem, 8 videos tutorials on how to use the tools and products and 4 videos in English that are part of the expansion program, totaling 24 videos produced,also according to the youtube platform, the channel obtained more than 15 thousand views within the same period, and an entry rate of 200 new subscribers per month, that is, every 1 month 200 new people get to know the nuls ecosystem, not to mention other platforms where we republish our content such as twitter and instagram.
However, despite all this evolution here in Latin America, we noticed that the content out there in other parts of the world was very scarce and almost non-existent and the few that still remained were very old and outdated, for this reason we decided to expand the channel’s horizon Cryptos Brasil making it now a global channel. To adapt to this new concept, we decided to change the subtitled format to a fully dubbed format in ENGLISH, so we hired a person exclusively to do this type of service, greatly increasing the level of understanding and ease on the part of the spectators. in the future and following this same logic, more languages ​​will be added over time, making the criptos brasil channel a true multilingual communication platform for the ecosystem. Another important progress in our work was the creation of our own Brazilian community, which until then did not exist, currently our telegram (Nuls critpos Brasil) already has almost 3 thousand active Brazilian members, with this we can guarantee a much closer approach with our audience, more engagement where members can give suggestions and opinions about new videos and we can also manage our content better and ensure that the focus is entirely on the nuls ecosystem.
All this evolution and progress that has been happening was the direct result of an arduous, exhausting and continuous work that my team and I have been developing over time, and despite being a very small team formed by only 3 members, being director, editor and dublaor, we still managed to prove that a job when well executed is capable of achieving multiple goals and achieving success. We will continue working and spreading knowledge in the 4 corners of the world, and I hope to come back here next time with even better and much higher results and numbers, because every time our work grows I am sure that at the other end NULS also grows, and this is reason enough for me and my team to continue the journey. A big hug to all and until next time.

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