Creative NFT Image Event

Dear Goblinswap Users,

  1. To celebrate the New Year, Goblinswap is launching its first creation NFT Image Event. Users can draw unique and creative Goblin NFT images using their imagination and send them to staff email "” .

  2. Email Format: 1) Author name: 2) Contact information (Wechat/Telegram) : 3) Title of work (optional): 4) Attachment requirements: size: 1080*1532, PNG format, file size <3MB. 5) Work requirements: Only creative drawing of Goblin images is allowed. Themes should not include politics, violence, pornography, racial discrimination, etc.

  3. The team will initially select ten creative images and then community users will vote a winner. The winning NFT image will be put up for sale in the mall.

  4. Awards: 1)The first winner will receive 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the winning NFT image in the mall, 2) The second will receive 12% of the proceeds from the sale of the winning NFT image in the mall. 3) The third, fourth and fifth winners will each receive 10% of the profits after the winning NFT image is sold in the mall. 4) The top five can also choose the exchange one existing NFT image into their design image. In addition to the above awards, the winning NFT image and author’s name will be displayed on the official home page.

5.Period: 2021/1/5 16:00 (UTC+8) - 2021/1/11 16:00 (UTC+8)

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