Council Resignation


As you may know, I’ve been part of NULS before it even came out, 3 years ago. And since then, it’s been an amazing ride, I have made a wonderful connection with what I consider a family in NULS, and have made tremendous projects. However, due to the time and effort needed, I rather pass the torch , since we have successfully developed an ecosystem where we no longer need to be part of the council to continue with our projects.

However, I’m not going anywhere, we will still be here working with NULS, trying to achieve all our goals. So feel free to PM/DM if anything is needed, or you want any update on our projects. I will gladly assist, I have decided to consolidate my 3 wallets in one for better control. For those following our NULS related expenses(since we use a description in all the transactions), feel free to PM to send you our new address.

Anyway, it’s been a great ride, I hope whoever takes our spot, work passionate as we are on NULS, and I will gladly assist with anything.


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