Calling All NULS Q3 Ambassador Candidates NULS社区2021年第三季度大使招募计划

NULS is a community-driven project, and the Ambassadorship is our flagship program to support individuals who are passionate about NULS in their local regions.

It is our way of incentivizing and recognizing individuals who want to be involved — going above and beyond for NULS. Also, to work with people from all over the world who are as passionate about NULS as you.

Becoming a NULS community ambassador is a platform to encourage and recognize community members who promote the development of NULS under community independence.

NULS has made significant progress in its own ecosystem. Examples include our cross-chain projects NerveNetwork and NerveBridge, and the DeFi wallet Nabox. All these advances are not only from the unremitting efforts of the team, but are also inseparable from the contributions of the community. It is a collective effort that includes our NULS ambassadors in Portugal, Turkey, Canada and Spain,ect that made significant contributions towards the development of the NULS community.

The NULS community ambassador campaign will follow the usual proposal method, which is as follows:

  1. Submit your July, August, and September 2021 work plans. Include a detailed breakdown of tasks and activities you will achieve each month if elected Ambassador in your region. You can post it in the forum for discussion and sharing.

  2. Communicate your plan, answer questions from the community, and garner support for your Ambassadorship on Telegram, WeChat, and other social media platforms.

  3. After 15 days of discussion and no objections (planned re-election ambassadors will take only seven days), the community Councilor reviews and submits your application for community voting.

  4. If you’re elected: create a node and name it _Ambassador. Set the commission rate to 80%. The NULS Foundation will stake 200,000 NULS in your node to get it into consensus.

  5. As an Ambassador, you will have 20,000 NULS as collateral to create the ambassador node. It will be your responsibility to maintain its uptime and ensure the upgrade.

  6. Half of the monthly rewards generated by the ambassador node will cover the ambassador’s incentive. The second half is for the development of the ambassador role. The ambassador work report needs to show usage details of the funds to the community.

Governance and Framework

Here is the link to the ongoing NIP (NULS Improvement Proposal: as detailed information for potential and existing Ambassadors.


  1. Send news and events from NULS to the community in local languages on time.

  2. Join the bi-monthly phone call briefing between all Ambassadors and Operations Councilors.

  3. A monthly report of activities and achievements as measured to your work plan communicated to the NULS community in a detailed post on

  4. Be vocal in Telegram and other social media platforms. You are representing NULS.

  5. Be honest, transparent, and answerable to the NULS Community. Remember, the community is supporting your enthusiasm with its vote of confidence and funding.

Feel free to reach out to NULS on Telegram or WeChat for more information and queries. Best of luck!

致2021年Q3 所有NULS大使候选人:


在2021年第二季度,NULS社区在生态发展中取得了非常大的成绩,生态Web3.0钱包Nabox上线成功,异构跨链生态NerveNetwork、跨链桥NerveBridge DApp 也上线多个钱包。除了团队的不懈努力,最重要的便是社区的奉献。地区大使是社区的核心人物,他们在社区发展方向制定、项目宣发中做出了诸多成绩,包括葡萄大使、土耳其大使等。



  1. 请在 论坛上提交您的大使工作计划,并详细列出如果您当选为本地区的大使,将在2021年第一季度每个月完成的任务和活动,以供社区讨论和宣传。

  2. 传达您的计划,回答任何来自社区的问题,并在Telegram、微信和其他社交媒体平台上获得对您大使职位的支持。






以下是NIP4大使角色参与规则的链接,您可以在此获取更多详细信息: 20190531NIP4_NULS大使竞选参与规则




3.每月月初在论坛( )向社区展示您的详细工作报告。