Brazil Ambassador's Q4 for 2022

hi everyone again, although the crypto winter and the bear market still continues, the work of the nuls ecosystem and the criptos brasil channel never stopped and still continues, for the past 3 months our channel has contributed strongly with important advances in community engagement issues . Throughout the entire process, more than 40 educational videos about nuls , nabox , nerve network and nulswap have been made in English and Portuguese, always with the aim of educating and teaching people to know more about our ecosystem. As stated in the previous election, the Cryptos Brasil channel came up with the idea of ​​being 100% focused on the Portuguese language and on Brazil, but as we noticed very little dissemination and scarce content of the null ecosystem around the world, we decided to embrace the idea of ​​being a channel global with several supported languages, becoming a true multilingual library. Based on this and following my previous statementthat more languages ​​would be added over time, we will now also support the Spanish language in our videos, with this we hope to attract even more Spanish-speaking people into the ecosystem. I count on everyone’s support, let’s together make every nuls ecosystem recognized worldwide.

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