April work report, Imamsan NULStar Indonesia

I want to thank the NULS community for giving me the opportunity to join this wonderful community and for giving me their trust and responsibility over the years. Thanks also to @Aurora and @Berzeck and the rest of the core team for their support.


I will continue to strive to collaborate and communicate with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects around the world to fully support this project without compromise, because blockchain and cryptocurrency are legal in Indonesia. I am proud to be a member of Nulstar. Cryptocurrency has become a commodity in Indonesia so that supervision is fully under Bappebti and has entered state law.

Website Bappebti: http://Bappebti.go.id
In this April I kept in touch with partners talking about the POCM and SCO projects and sharing progress in the Indonesian Nuls Group.
Glad that his race has become a part of nulstar. With a heavy heart, maybe this is my last report on Nulstar, because Nulstar ends this month. Hopefully Nuls will develop in the future and become the best project that will be accepted by the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and large institutions will start to accept Nuls.

Thank you for your support.

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