Application for Spain ambassadorship Q2 2021

Greetings community

This month the elections will be a little earlier and I wanted to do it sooner than later.

Everyone has done a fantastic job these months and I am thankful for giving “my grain of sand” to this project. My personal goals of contributing to Nuls are being build little by little but there’s still a lot to do. For this reason, I want to present myself again as Spanish ambassador to continue working on it (since my candidacy in Q1 hasn’t been long yet for me).

The work that I have done during this time can be seen in my last report: 2021 January/February Spanish Report

During this month I haven’t been as active as I would have liked do to a personal emergency (I have not been absent, but a little more inactive) and I had to leave some things halfway to move to my hometown. Anyway I’m ready to do my best again. I’ll update.

Some of the things I want to do for Q2 are:

  • Increase the amount and activity of Telegram chat as much as possible. As I say in the report, I am working with other communities in Spanish. I believe that if encouraged, the Spanish community can be a strong point for Nuls. I am doing AMA’s with other communities to join the channel and make Nuls known.

  • Do more giveaway to keep the chat active and the community involved and obviously still active in Twitter - Medium to translate the Nuls news ASAP.

  • Create more content in Spanish. From what I have found out there is very little Spanish content about Nuls and very old (mostly about 2018). Although I don’t have any plans at the moment but I would change this in the future.

  • Represent Nuls in the Block World Tour that will be held this year here in Spain. There is still little information about it, but I am up to date. It will be a good point to find new investors and to publicize the advantages that Nuls has. More info here:

  • Make content explaining about the projects in POCM (secondary): I don’t remember the user who named this idea but I found it interesting to have the information in different languages.

I would love to have your support in Q2 to continue working with Nuls and contributing everything I can to this great project :blush: