Aplication for Canada ambassador Q2

Application Canada Ambassador

Hi Dear NULS community,
Firstly, I present my apologies for post my candidacy very late this month but as I said, I was prognosticated with covid-SaRS last week and they isolated during 12 days me in a kind of clinical room (I’m fine. It was a big Flu). No personal objects only my cellphone and they restrict a bit it uses.
It will be my pleasure to contribute for this Q2 2021 and I have great ideas to try and share with the NULS team and community.
My commitments for this Q2:

  *Positively represent NULS in a wide variety of settings and face-to-face meetings. (Yes, face to face because lock down will be end in April).
  *Cooperating and assisting in content creation (blogs, posts, reviews, product promotion). In my opinion, we have to communicate more between ambassadors.
  * Promoting the brand on social media platforms. May be, create and promote NULS in my tik-tok channel could be a good idea.
  *Participating in product and event marketing such as launches and demonstrations. I will organize 2nd Tournament of Call of Duty inciting more people to create a wallet and explore NULS ecosystem.
  *Communicating with consumers on product feedback and listening for recommendations. I will ask users how we can upgrade or implement some features for NULS to make it notorious in the cryptomarket.
  * I will put new tabs for NULS Blockchain course(academy) in my web page cryptorunning.co for educational purposes.
  Thanks for your support and hope work with this great team in this Q2.

     Felipe G.