Aplication Canada Ambassador Q3 2021

Hello to the entire NULS community.

My name is Felipe González, I live in Quebec, Canada and I’m passionate about NULS and I’ve been working with NULS since Q3 2020(worst year ever since pandemic)

I would like to present my candidacy as Ambassador in Canada for this Q3 2021 and I ask that you allow me to count on your support for spread NULS ecosystem.

  • EXPERIMENT: I would like to try how responsive are the youngest generation in my native country (Colombia)with NULS as exchange for food or services. The national currency COP is getting caught by inflation so in a few years will be worthless. There is a small town (100K) population and around 40% of merchants are unbanked. One of reasons I organized 2nd tournament of call of duty, people will be rewarded in NULS and eventually exchange them for food and services. It will have an impact for their families and their financial system.

*I will to take advantage of the internet(social media) and the speed of communication of groups such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to publish constantly an article or news about how NULS is contributing and can improve transparency in many processes of our life (contracts for the provision of services, contracts for the development of infrastructure in each Province and State, security and impartiality in the election process in both government and private companies, etc.), and how NULS can prevent manipulation or distribution unfair of the human and / or material resources of our cities and poorest countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, etc.).

*I want to organize meetings P2P the Blockchain community across Canada and Colombia, in order to create strategic points of growth and knowledge of the NULS ecosystem. Now, the Covid is getting away so small meetings are indeed.

  • Where I live, French is spoken as the official language and in Canada there are many other cities and provinces where French is spoken, so I have invested part of my time in translating from English to French, and I plan to continue doing so to manage the mass media publishing news and making the NULS projects known to the entire French-speaking community in my country (I even think it would be possible to extend to France, Belgium and Switzerland, it is a dream, but achievable).

Here is my proposal, I am sure that there are many other things to do, I will continue learning, there is still much to learn and I need your support to carry it out as NULS Ambassador in Canada; I am sure that together we can and will continue to advance.

Have a great day,

Felipe Gonzalez