Announcement on Upgrading NULS Node Version to v2.7.0

Dear NULS community,

The v2.7.0 version( of the NULS node program has been released. As this upgrade involves protocol updates, it will optimize the operating mechanism of the underlying cross-chain transaction module, improve the efficiency of cross-chain transfer, reduce cross-chain registration fees, and optimize multiple cross-chain related sections. The new protocol will take effect at the height of 10,000 blocks after the node upgrade reaches 80%.

NULS v2.7.0 Upgrade Details:

  1. Fix the bug of the occasional red card penalty function;

  2. Optimize the operating mechanism of the underlying cross-chain transaction module and improve the efficiency of cross-chain transfer;

  3. Optimize the calculation rules of cross-chain transaction fees and reduced the fees in the case of a large number of signatures;

  4. Reduce cross-chain fees for NRC20 assets and parachain assets registration;

  5. Optimize cross-chain logic for asset cancellation;

  6. Optimize synchronization protocol for the isomorphic cross-chain validators;

  7. Optimize the stability for cross-chain network.

Windows upgrading tutorial:

Linux upgrading tutorial:


  1. The nodes that need to be upgraded are ordinary nodes and consensus nodes, and ordinary users do not need to operate.The node owners need to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible to make the protocol upgrade successful.
  2. This upgrade is mandatory, after finishing the upgrade, the nodes which haven’t upgraded yet will start receiving yellow cards.