Announcement on New Version of NerveNetwork| 关于NerveNetwork版本升级的公告

Hello NerveNetwork community,

We are thrilled to announce that the new version of NerveNetwork has been officially released. Node operators can now adjust the staking amount as well as the fees. This version also supports USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC staking functions, which will provide more choices for stakers.The new functions will take effect at the block height of 2,260,000( Approximately at UTC+8 at 13:10 ON September 1, 2020).

In order to ensure the stable operation of the network, all node owners are requested to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.

About the V1.3.0 version update

  1. ETH chain assets cross-chain withdrawal service fees decreased from 100 NVT to 10 NVT.
  2. Minimum amount for staking decreased from 10,000 NVT to 1,000 NVT.
  3. Minimum amount for adding and withdrawal node deposit decreased from 20000NVT to 2000NVT.
  4. Unlocking time for NVT from staking set to 7 days.
  5. Now supports staking batch withdrawal, batch consolidation of immediate staking, batch immediate transfer, and batch immediate staking transfer.
  6. DEX operation process has been optimized .
  7. Price feed function of USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC added .
  8. USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC immediate staking now supported ( the maximum amount of all stable coins is 2 million).


**Github issue submit:**

Community users may join the official discord to ask questions and make suggestions. The technical community will try their best to answer as soon as possible. Because NerveNetwork is a global community with time differences across regions, we ask for your patience and understanding while we try to respond to every question in a timely manner.




很高兴地向大家宣布,大家高度关注的节点质押金额调整、手续费调整的新版本已经正式发布。此版本还增加了支持USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC活期质押功能,为质押用户提供更多选择, 新功能将在226万高度(大约在UTC+8 2020年9月1日 13点10分)后生效。



  1. 降低ETH链资产提现手续费,从100NVT降低到10NVT;
  2. 降低Staking进入门槛,从价值10000NVT降低到1000NVT;
  3. 降低追加和退出节点保证金门槛,从20000NVT降低到2000NVT;
  4. 设置NVT退出质押的解锁时间为7天;
  5. 支持批量退出质押、批量合并活期质押,活期转定期、批量活期质押转定期的协议;
  6. 优化DEX业务流程;
  7. 增加USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC喂价功能;
  8. 支持USDT/PAX/DAI/USDC活期质押(所有稳定币质押上限数量为200万)。





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