Announcement of NULS Nodes Updated to v2.12.0

To NULS community

The latest version (v2.12.0) of NULS nodes have been released on 11:00 (UTC+8)Jan 27th 2022.

New protocol will take effects when block heights reach 10,000 after 80% mainnet nodes complete updating.

NULS V2.12.0 Details

  • Added an auxiliary transfer mechanism to ensure locked accounts and users can also send transactions through specific channels to transfer assets safely.
  • Fixed the verification logic that cancelled cross-chain assets cannot be re-registered.
  • Added several account status query interfaces.

This is a mandatory update. All nodes (including regular nodes and consensus nodes) are required to be updated by node owners. Please perform the updates as soon as possible. After the new protocol takes effect, node owners who fail to complete updates will be receiving yellow cards till the node is cancelled.

Update Guide

Link to Download

Windows Update Guide

Linux Update Guide

Thank you.


Jan 27th 2022