Announcement: MXT temporarily being removed from NULS POCM platform

Dear NULS&MXT users,

Due to the adjustment of the development strategy of the MixTrust project and the high transfer fees, the team was under greater pressure when swapping ERC-20 Tokens. Therefore, the MixTrust team felt so sorry to decide to temporarily remove the MXT staking mining activity on the NULS platform.

MXT will be officially removed from the NULS platform at 10:00 am (UTC-4) on September 4, 2020. At the same time, the NULS staked on the platform and MXT rewards will be released. At that time, we will exchange ERC-20 MXT for you on the NULS DEX platform.

The link to the NULS DEX platform will be announced to you in the near future. If the transfer fee being adjusted and dropped, MXT may also restart mining on the NULS platform. Please continue to pay attention and thank you for your long-term support!

If you want to know more details, please join MXT’s official community for consulting:

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由于MixTrust项目的发展战略调整和高额的转账手续费,在转换成ERC-20代币时,团队承受了很大的压力。因此,MixTrust团队非常抱歉的决定暂停在NULS POCM平台上的MXT挖矿。

MXT将于2020年9月4日上午10:00(UTC-4)正式从NULS POCM平台中移除。与此同时,质押在平台上的NULS将会被自动退回到您的地址,MXT奖励届时将发放到您的地址。我们将在NULS生态DEX平台上为您兑换ERC-20 MXT。

NULS生态DEX平台不久将会上线,如果ERC20手续费有所调整和降低,MXT也会在NULS POCM平台上重新开放质押挖矿。请继续关注MXT项目并感谢您的支持!


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