It is with immense pleasure and satisfaction that I come through this forum to make my candidacy official as ambassador of the Nuls community in Brazil. The objective is exclusively and entirely to help in the multiplication and dissemination of NULS/NERVE technology and its ecosystem throughout the national territory, teaching and educating people about its concepts, mission and especially its fundamentals, making them believe that investing in NULS/NERVE is the best option.

My government plan is to attract companies and people into the NULS/NERVE community through some marketing tools and some actions such as:

- Creation of a youtube channel focused on NULS to attract as many people as possible not only in Brazil, but also in several neighboring countries with the objective of bringing knowledge and education about the Nuls/Nerve ecosystem to these people.

- Face-to-face lectures to have a closer, reliable and friendly contact with investors and to prospect possible new investors.

- Periodic meetings with the Brazilian community, whether online or in person, so that people can debate about Nuls and Nerve, make suggestions, send criticisms, talk about network updates or even to resolve any doubts about any product or service that encompasses Nuls/Nerve and its ecosystem .

- Speaking with emphasis on the SCO/POCM program and its benefits both for those who have NULS and for those who want to join the other end in order to attract more projects and at the same time encourage developers to build in NULS.

                                  **Development and contributions to the community:**

Since joining the Nuls community I have worked tirelessly to make Nuls/Nerve and various SCO/POCM program projects recognized and seen by the cryptographic market. Whenever possible, I hold face-to-face meetings with friends and acquaintances from my city to talk about NULS/NERVE and its ecosystem as can be seen in the post below.

In the Nuls telegram chat I always try to help new and existing users who periodically formulate any kind of question, comment or doubt related to the ecosystem, in addition to also posting advertising content, usability of services and recent news. On twitter I’m also very active where several times a day I’m always posting, liking and sharing each post made by Nuls, Nerve and various POCM projects, already on youtube, as I still don’t have a dedicated channel (which will be developed as stated above in government plan) this did not stop me from continuing to spread Nuls and its ecosystem , taking the word NULS and NERVE in every video posted by major creators of cryptocurrencys content in Brazil through the comments I made,comments that have recently resulted in an interview with a of the biggest cryptocurrencys channels in brazil VOEPA BITCOIN with our ambassador from portugal João . The Live content was well received by the Brazilian and Portuguese cryptocurrency community, they were able to understand more about the project. and its fundamentals, thus significantly increasing the entry of new and potential users to our community in general. Here’s the interview link:

second video:

Although the cryptographic market is still very new and premature, causing some distrust the digitization of the world is inevitable and companies that were previously supported only in physical aspects are starting to change their concepts to a digital correspondent. With the arrival of institutional investors I see that the market is maturing little by little and gaining global notoriety, these companies will need functional products and services that have quality, safety and solidity.
My focus is to work to show these people and institutional investors that Nuls/Nerve blockchain and its entire ecosystem that surrounds them has the solution for what they are looking for regardless of the objective, with a solid, reliable, scalable and adaptable blockchain, in addition to offering a range of useful products and services, functional and fully functioning.
People and purpose are the basis of a strong community and that’s why I count on the support and vote of all of you to make this possible. Let’s together make Nuls and Nerve a reference in the cryptographic sector and have a bright future ahead. :muscle: :clap: :clap:


Hi Felipe, really excited to support for Ambassadorship for Brazil!!!

thanks Steven