AMA: Obee Network —— a social product dedicated to ordinary users entering the blockchain

Channel: SCO Genesis Group

Time: 20:00, May 22, 2020

Participating guests: Obee Network co-founder LBonan

Moderator: Miss NULS

Good evening, Everyone,veterans of the SCOLab community and the NULS community! Today I will bring you a new project (Obee Network) of AMA. Obee is about to start SCO on the NULS POCM platform. Before the event officially starts, let’s review with you and introduce what is SCO.

To put it simply, SCO: NULS holders could have used NULS to mine NULS, and now they can use NULS to mine coins for new projects on POCM. Some of these new projects have been listed on the exchange, and some have not yet. If the development is good, then the return of the investor is relatively large, because there is no principal spent, it is the income brought by the NULS principal. If the new project does not develop well, you can withdraw at any time.

As the name implies: multi-digging with one coin and using the NULS public chain as a mining machine. If the project party does not do well, the client will withdraw, and the principal is still there! SCO adopted a method in which market balances are inclined to investors. The project party can also obtain the NULS node income as a development fund, as well as the support of the NULS community and ecology.

Okay, let’s get back to business, or return to today’s event. At present, the Obee project uses the NULS chain factory to build the bottom layer of the blockchain, aiming to apply the blockchain to the social field. So, what kind of project is it? Next, the applause invites today’s sharing guest Lbonan to bring us wonderful sharing of the project.

Hello, Lbonan! You can introduce yourself to our community members first.

Hello everyone! I ’m Lbonan and I ’m the co-sponsor of Obee Network. Master of Computer Technology from Peking University and Director of Operations of Obee Network, I am also very happy to participate in this AMA today.

1. Lbonan is good, can you briefly introduce the Obee project?

Obee Network is an incentive platform based on blockchain social, building a complete set of decentralized social networks. The project is referred to as Obee, and our team is determined to build the first social product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social. Let users see the creations, forums, hot posts, applications and movies of global users on Obee Network. There is no boundary in social, and you can share wonderful moments with other users anytime, anywhere.

Obee Network social platform official website: 5.

2. How is Obee’s current progress? Are there any products available?

The team is designing a blockchain + social incentive model, and the iOS and Android apps are in the testing and debugging phase. The project has completed the basic development of Obee Network’s web applications, and has developed more functional modules on social topics.

At present, Obee Network’s web social application can also be used for everyone’s leisure and entertainment. You are welcome to come to our website to paddle, vomit, and play.

3. What is the biggest role of blockchain in your project? What value or advantage does Obee have?

I personally think that with the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data technology, the traditional Internet will also have a disturbing influence in all directions. More industries also need to inject new elements in order to better grasp the outlet when the technology is updated. With the strengthening of people’s data security awareness and the transfer of data sovereignty from merchants to users in the future, the injection of blockchain technology into social networks will undoubtedly better meet the needs of development.

Obee Network, as a social product, provides richer functional elements than traditional social products. On Obee Network, users can do more than just socialize. They can even make some purchases on the Obee Network and find job search jobs. From the perspective of Obee Network’s functional modules and the overall design, Obee Network is still closer to the use level. The purpose is also to allow ordinary users to use such a product that is determined to develop blockchain + social.

4. Can you share with us Obee’s development route?

The Obee project has carried out some market research and some model design in the early stage of the product since the second half of 2018. In 2019, it officially started the development of some basic functions of the product. At present, we also design some basic functions well. It is expected that before July 2020, we will release official android, ios applications, and apply the Obee incentive system to the entire product ecosystem.

5. Obee adopts the NULS bottom framework for chaining, why does it use the bottom layer of NULS? How do you think NULS can help your project?

NULS is a developmental community platform. Nulstar’s design makes the underlying chain “modular” and the monolithic structure of the underlying chain is micro-serviced to provide services in the form of interfaces. These all provide some convenience for Obee Network products on the chain to cater for business development.

As a project focusing on the underlying technology of blockchain, NULS is based on NULS. NULS 'active community and developers also cater to the purpose of our product development.

6. What do you think Obee can bring to the NULS community?

We use the basic modules of NULS to build the Obee Network ecology. Obee Network will also conduct a certain share of the Obee mainnet token airdrop to reward supporters of the NULS community.

At the same time, Obee Network’s community platform will not only promote Obee’s incentive circulation, but also support the circulation of NULS and other high-quality projects on our social platform.

7. How do users participate in Obee SCO? What is the share of SCO and when is it planned to start?

Users can mortgage a certain amount of NULS through the NULS POCM platform to receive OBEE mainnet tokens; Obee Network plans to use 3% of the circulation to SCO.

We plan to open Obee SCO at 20:00 on May 23, and everyone’s active participation is welcome.

The following is the interactive time for community members to ask questions freely, and selects some questions:

Amou: Hello Obee Network is a product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain, so how does Obee Network make ordinary users feel the practical value of blockchain?

During the initial development of the project, we positioned Obee Network as a social product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social network for a reason. In the early days, we conducted some related research and found many blockchain + social sectors, but the product design and philosophy are still difficult to focus on and do not understand people in the blockchain industry.

But I think that social products should not have limitations since they are social. If the social coverage can include all people, then it is a more real social product. Moreover, we have also invested a lot of time and energy in product function design. Compared with some blockchain + social I know, I feel that this kind of social is quite perfect.

Si Yin: Can the app app issue red envelopes?

We consider the rigorous setting of incentives. Since it is positioned as the first product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain social network, some functions need to cater to everyone. There are indeed some social platforms doing the function of sending red envelopes to the app, which we also added in the plan later.

Si Yin: Now that there are many apps, how can you make everyone use them?

If you use it, you can find Obee Network carefully, we can find that the perfection of our social product function points is not found in many other projects with the same blockchain + social theme. It contains news and blogs. You can brush the topics you are interested in on the news and blogs, and you can also publish commodities and trade commodities. At the same time, you can also find or create your own groups to find movies that interest you. The essence of these product function points comes from social, but it is higher than social, so our social is a social that makes the social more perfect and allows users to experience more exciting social.

Wu Er Wan Sui: Will Obee airdrop to the NULS community? What proportion?

It will be airdropped to the NULS community, and everyone at SCO can also pledge to participate. Of course, during other publicity, we will also airdrop a portion of the proportion to NULS holders. We have a 20% Token ratio, which will be rewarded to early participants and maintainers of the project.

Wu Er Wan Sui: Is Obee also a POC consensus mechanism? If yes, how do you participate in the node construction?

On the OBEE main network, a minimum commission of 20,000 OBEE can be used to build a consensus node, and the commissioner can get the due commission.

Leng Lie: When will obee really be applied? Besides NULS, have you considered cooperation with some investment capital?

Obee has his own social product, and our product design is also very good. There are already several good partners. At present, we prefer to focus on propaganda and operation, and a lot of information has not been announced.

Thousands of credit worth: How much is Obee issued?

The circulation of OBEE is 12 billion, and we will also hold a variety of airdrops and similar events later. For example, registering on our social platform will get a certain share of airdrops and the like. The project party will use 30% for initial circulation and 40% for future ecological rewards. Reward users by participating in platform activities, posting articles and comments on the platform.

Alpha Meow: How to motivate ordinary users to use Obee?

The functional modules in the project are well designed and can be experienced. As for the design of the incentive model, we expect to develop access to related interfaces before mid-July.

Aurora: Does Obee manage the content output of the platform? There will be incentives for users to post content. What will happen if there is some bad content?

In terms of incentive design, I will refer to many existing models like point management or level management. If there is some bad content or harassment content, it will also be dealt with accordingly.

Shortstop: What mainstream exchanges will Obee meet later?

At present, what we do more is not only to allow people in the blockchain industry to use our social platform, but ordinary users will also enter the social platform to a certain extent. We will enter the exchange that everyone expects in order to promote the circulation of OBEE when it is necessary for the development and operation of the project.


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