AMA:NULS in Turkey | NULS在土耳其


Q1:Hi, Emre! We are so glad to see you here.You have been in the community since long time ago, but this is your first time to be invited to the Chinese community~We are so gald to see you here!

First of all, could you introduce yourself to us?


Emre : Hi friends , I am founder and NULS Ambassador Emre. I have been working as an IT specialist more than 10 years, I completed a master’s degree in computer programming and Management Information Systems. I am doing research and publications about cryptocurrencies almost 3 years. I really enjoy being a part of this industry.




Q2: One midnight in 2018, I was so excited to see you post some NULS articles in Turkish in the English community, and I immediately shared them with the core eam.Are you running your own website?Can you share it with us?


Emre: I was giving advice to my close friends about cryptocurrencies. Then those recommendations reached more people. I set up my own website and reached out to more people. Leading people started following me. I publish articles and analyses on my website. People love analysis. I have 3 other friends I support. Our goal is to reach more people. We are among the best cryptocurrency news sites in Turkey.CZ also follows my personal twitter。




Q3:You’ve been NULS Turkey ambassador for over six months. Why did you want to apply for NULS ambassador at the beginning?What are the major developments during this time?What’s the most rewarding part of your tenure in your eyes?


Emre: I was publishing the significant and remarkable articles about NULS before i became an ambassador. I did some sharing on NULS forum and Nuls team member pointed the way of becoming Nuls ambassador to me. Than i met Aurora and Penny; Penny helped me the way of became an ambassador.

I put together 1000 person on telegram group in Turkey. More people reached to articles and news about NULS day by day and investors get in touch with me. I tweeted and share more than 80 articles about NULS as long as i am ambassador and the sharing are viewed over 100.000 times. Local websites reshare the articles and news i published and it brings Nuls more popular in Turkey.



我在NULS 土耳其的电报群增加了1000人。




Q4: The crypto market develops well in Turkey. How is the development of NULS Turkish community ?


Emre: World stock markets such as Binance, Huobi and Kucoin in Turkey are getting a lot of attention. We don’t have to access exchanges and make/withdraw. Cryptocurrencies are in high demand because we are a country that likes to invest and people from Turkish lira want to invest in dollars. Turkish society now recognizes NULS, which googletrends supports data. After my ambassadorial job, there was a lot of web searches, and many people started investing. I’m getting questions from Telegram.





Q5:What do you think are the most charming and promising parts of NULS?


Emre: NULS is a project that is very open to development like a baby, integrated with blockchain and will invest in the world’s blockchain technology to follow the cryptocurrencies that go after it, the picture below shows that much more investors against NULS competitors are more likely to come. Big projects like chain factory, Nerve Network are now known to everyone .I see it like watching a little baby grow NULS give me a thrill.





Q6:Do you have any plans for community building to strengthen the communication with local community?


Emre: We can’t really predict the future too well, and we can’t really forecast our detailed plans too much ahead of time, and things change.

I have created a lot of tags in Turkey on Google about NULS. Telegram groups are just turning into chat groups of too many people.I’m trying to get attention on the web for NULS and I’m doing it. Investors arriving at NULS will come through www (internet) calls, not telegram. I’m going to publish more articles about NULS.




Aurora: 社区建设是项目发展非常重要的环节,期待Emre未来能建设一个更加强大的土耳其社区!

Q7:The new ambassador compaign of Q3 will start soon, will you apply for it? What’s your new plans for the ambassador program?


Emre: I’m going to apply. HOLD time for NULS in 2020. I’m preparing Nuls very well for 2021. People before the big bang are NULS? They’ll have access to a lot of information online. I plan meetings in different provinces when coronavirus effects pass. I will participate in invitations from binance, Huobi and Blockchain conferences and interact with important people about Nuls.