主题 Theme: 走近神秘大咖NerveNetwork发起人BZ

日期 DATE : 2020-05-21 UTC+8 15:00

主持人Event host 骄傲的驴把头@爱我中华

嘉宾 Guest: NeverNetwork发起人&NULS社区理事&NTC成员Berzeck


Nerve社群的老铁们,大家下午好!今天由Nerve Network发起人&NULS社区理事Berzeck,为大家分享NerveNetwork项目背后的一些故事。




1 、Hello, Berzeck, can you introduce yourself? What is your original intention and goal of launching the NerveNetwork project? 您好,Berzeck,可以介绍一下自己吗?您发起NerveNetwork项目的初心和目标是什么?

My name is Mario, from Bolivia, but everyone calls me Berzeck. I have 20 years of experience in software engineering and I am working for NULS since late 2018.


NerveNetwork was born after realizing that the future necessarily includes several blockchains interconnected and the mindset of ‘one chain to rule them all’ is increasingly being deprecated.


Nerve has been designed to complement NULS blockchain and use some of its capabilities including its smart contract’s VM. Its aim is to open the gates to interconnect several blockchain platforms enjoying our blockchain strengths.

Nerve旨在补充NULS区块链并使用其某些功能,包括智能合约的VM。 其目的是打开大门,以连接其他大型的多个区块链平台。

As crypto technology is improving too fast, it’s impossible to know what technology will be the one that it’s ultimately adopted, that’s the reason we designed from scratch a very flexible infrastructure capable to adopt these new technologies faster than anybody else, projects building their products using our technologies will inherit these capabilities always having the competitive edge either in technology and reduced costs as well; long-term our efforts will prove us right.

由于区块链技术发展太快,因此无法知道最终将采用哪种技术。这就是我们从头开始设计一个非常灵活的基础架构的原因,该基础架构能够比其他任何人更快地采用这些新技术,并使用我们的技术将继承这些能力,始终在技术和降低成本方面保持竞争优势. 长期的沉淀将证明Nerve是正确的。

Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with Chain Box. The goal is to eliminate the isolation problem that most blockchains have, also, to establish a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and provide all the underlying support for Defi applications ecosystem; letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent Defi application services.

Nerve 是一个去中心化的数字资产服务网络。它是基于NULS微服务框架, 使用 NULS ChainBox(链工厂的底层)开发搭建的区块链跨链交互协议。旨在打破区块链价值孤岛,建立跨链互通的资产交互网络,为 Defi 应用生态提供底层支持。让数字资产持有者享受真正安全、自由、透明的 Defi 应用服务。

2 、What do you think is your biggest contribution to the blockchain industry?您认为您为区块链行业做出的最大贡献是什么?

Probably designing and implementing Nulstar which is the microservices infrastructure on which NULS v2 and Nerve rely on, microservices are being implemented in the biggest software companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, just to name a few, and its the first time it was successfully implemented in a blockchain project.This is positive for the development of the whole industry.


3 、How do you feel about the past development of the blockchain industry? What is your opinion on the future development?您对区块链行业过去的发展有些什么感触?对未来的发展有什么看法?

Progress in blockchain technology has been incredibly fast and it doesn’t show any sign of slow down and now that corporations are starting to get involved, blockchain will be without a doubt the technological revolution of this decade; this makes impossible to predict which technologies will survive or which new ones will be created, that’s is the reason current projects need to embed provisions that allows them to evolve and adapt as fast as possible or risk to become obsolete and that’s why we designed NULS and NerveNetwork from scratch so it becomes a lot easier to adopt these new technologies, whichever technology wins … WE WIN!



Most research will come in terms of scalability and security and it will be very interesting to see how new ideas will try to solve these problems.


4 、Why does Nerve aim at NULS public chain ecology and build cross chain transactions,but without other public chain ecology?为什么Nerve项目选择了NULS公链生态,并在跨链交互上进行搭建和创业,而没有选择其他公链生态呢?

Nerve is designed to complement NULS blockchain, its design is a lot simpler than other cross-chain solutions because it doesn’t try to interconnect everything with everything and also doesn’t try to incorporate all possible features, for example, smart contracts are implemented in NULS and this functionality is not replicated in Nerve because it will use this functionality from NULS.

NULS拥有灵活的微服务结构, Nerve是NULS区块链生态的一个补充,它的设计比其他跨链解决方案简单得多,因为它不尝试将所有事物联系在一起,也不尝试合并所有可能的功能,例如智能合约 是在NULS中实现的,Nerve不会复制它,因为它可以使用NULS中的此功能。

So instead of having a big inefficient bloated blockchain, we split it into two slim efficient ones (NULS and Nerve) with specific purposes and tasks that are able to evolve at their own rate and designed to complement each other.


5 、Can you introduce the advantages of POCBFT consensus mechanism in cross chain transactions?您能介绍下POCBFT共识机制在跨链交易上的优越性吗?

  • Ultimate consistency as no rollback is permitted .

  • Very fast!

  • It has embedded a mechanism that punishes bad behaving nodes that ultimately can kick off them from consensus.

  • 最终的一致性,因为不允许回滚。

  • 非常快!

  • 它嵌入了一种机制来惩罚行为不良的节点,最终可以使它们脱离共识。

6 、Can you introduce the heterogeneous cross chain technology of the Nerve project, and specifically how to serve the NULS and other public chains?请您介绍下Nerve的异构跨链技术究竟如何服务于NULS跨链生态和其他公链之间的交互?

In a standard DPoS blockchain 2 types of nodes exist:

  • Normal nodes;

  • Consensus nodes: Process transactions and get rewards.


  • 普通节点;

  • 共识节点: 处理交易并获得奖励;

We added a third type called Virtual Banks, these nodes are responsible to monitor and process cross-chain transactions, they hold private keys from multi-signature wallets on which heterogeneous blockchains need to send their tokens, of course, users hold the needed private keys to perform any transaction.

我们添加了第三种类型,称为虚拟银行。 这些节点负责监视和处理跨链交易,它们持有来自多个签名钱包的私钥,异构区块链需要在这些钱包上发送资产,当然,用户拥有所需的私钥来签名交易。

For NULS homogeneous blockchains, the situation is a lot easier as the protocol just destroys NULS and creates the equivalent in Nerve Network.


7 、How is Nerve’s token economic system designed, what is the role of NVT in ecology, and how does the staging mechanism work?Nerve的通证经济系统是怎样设计的,NVT在生态中的作用是什么,Staking机制是如何运作的?

Max supply: 2,100,000,000

Initial supply: 1,100,000,000

1,000,000,000 NVT will be generated due the consensus process.

最大供应量:2,100,000,000 NVT;

初始供应量:1,100,000,000 NVT;

区块共识奖励,将产生1,000,000,000 NVT。

The initial supply will be distributed in the following way:


Early development: 200 million (airdrop: 10 million, 0.48%) 9.5%

Used for community construction and promotion in the early

stage, as well as the recruitment of virtual banks. 10 million will be airdropped to NULS holders.

前期发展:2亿枚(空投:1000万枚 0.48%)9.5%


Cornerstone Investment: 300 million, 14.3%

Used for the participation of institutions and partners and promoting the development of Nerve

基石投资:3亿枚 14.3%


Nerve Foundation: 600 million, 28.6%

Used for team development, R&D, and long-term funding support for the project.

Nerve 基金会:6亿枚 28.6%


Initially, 86400 NVT will be produced daily but every 100 days the inflation will decrease by a factor of 0.822%

最初,每天将生产86400 NVT,但区块链递减系数每100天将降低0.822%。

Any asset in the Nerve chain can participate in the Staking, including the assets transferred from other chains. In the future, all valuable digital assets, such as BTC and ETH, can participate in the Staking after they are transferred to the Nerve chain, and get consensus rewards.


About staking, we have implemented 2 modes:

  • Normal: You can stake and stake anytime you want.

  • Time-Fixed: you lock your NVT tokens predefined intervals of time to earn more interest, the intervals range from 3 months to 10 years.

链上提供了 2 种Staking 模型:





1 、Nerve在技术、资金、生态方面,有哪些优势和不足,以及会怎么样去填补Nerve的不足,让他能更好的发展起来?

Nerve is designed to complement NULS as such it has these advantages:

1] Very efficient;

2] Simple design;

3] Microservices infrastructure;

4] Easy to update and evolve;

5] Easy to find and fix bugs.


It does not intend to interconnect everything to everything.Nerve is designed to complement NULS blockchain ecosystem so it does not aim to provide interconnection between all different projects, just between NULS related assets with the rest of blockchains.

NerveNetwork 的设计是为了补充和完善NULS生态,它有以下优点:








2 、NERVE主网上线后,TPS能达到多少?

Too soon to give a definitive number right now but NULS has 800 - 1000 TPS and this is intended to be much faster! thats why only 35 nodes wil enter consensus.

现在给出一个确切的数字还有些过早,但是目前NULS可以达到800 - 1000 TPS,所以Nerve会更快,这也是为什么Nerve主网只会有35个共识节点的原因。

3 、能说说项目今年的发展计划吗?

June: NDEX beta ;

July: NDEX release, Nerve Main-net and airdrop;

August - December: Add more blockkchains to Nerve;

and also polish our portfolio of products;

Design Nulstar v2.



8月- 12月:为Nerve生态丰富更多跨链资产和项目;

完善我们的产品版块,以及设计Nulstar V2。

4 、NerveNetwork的第一个应用是什么?

The first application built on Nerve is NDEX which is our own decentralized exchange… it will have a component that will make easy for other companies to build their own DEXs.


5 、Nulstar v2会新增哪些功能?

  • the inner communication will we done with gRPC;

  • I will add load balancer and cache for bigger and more complex systems;

  • Authentication module;

  • Storage module.

  • 我们将完成和gRPC的兼容;

  • 它将增加负载均衡器以支持高速缓存和更复杂的系统;

  • 权限模块;

  • 存储模块。