AMA:NerveBridge cross-chain bridge DApp empowers more than 70 assets to enter the OEC ecosyst

Host: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the JSWAP community. Recently, NerveNetwork has empowered more than 70 assets to settle in the OEC ecosystem. As the decentralized transaction and financial management agreement DEX of the OEC ecosystem, JSWAP has reached in-depth cooperation with the NerveNetwork project.

Everyone is familiar with ordinary mining. However, for most small partners, DeFi and cross-chain mining, allowing assets to interact between multiple chains and participate in multi-chain ecological applications, have certain thresholds for most small partners.

Therefore, today we specially invited Berzeck, the initiator of the NerveNetwork heterogeneous cross-chain bridge project, to bring you cross-chain related sharing.

Hello Berzeck,Hello Berzeck, please share the NerveNetwork project?

Berzeck : Hello, JSWAP community! NerveNetwork is a truly DeFi ready decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with ChainBox. It features 2000+ TPS, 2 seconds for block creation, and just ONE confirmation to be deemed secure.

NerveNetwork supports multiple blockchain networks such as OEC, Ethereum, BSC, Heco, NULS, Harmony, Polygon, and KCC. Many more blockchains are planned for the future.

Currently, NerveNetwork helps more than 70 assets settle in the OEC ecosystem, including BUSD, HUSD, BURGER, NULS, RABBIT, NVT, NABOX, etc.

On the one hand, NerveNetwork’s cross-chain bridge empowers project assets and participates in more application scenarios; on the other hand, it also empowers the development of OEC ecology through its own platform advantages.

Host: What are the core products or applications in the NerveNetwork ecosystem?

Berzeck : The core function of NerveNetwork is cross-chain transactions and cross-chain swap. Currently, there are applications such as decentralized trading platform NerveDEX, cross-chain bridge DApp NerveBridge, and cross-chain swap.

The Web3.0 digital identity multi-chain wallet Nabox also integrates the underlying cross-chain function of NerveNetwork.

Host :Can you tell us about the decentralized trading platform NerveDEX?

Berzeck : NerveDEX was released on September 4th, 2020, it is based on NerveNetwork’s underlying chain asset transaction protocol. The entire process of asset transactions is completed on-chain. It is a safe, transparent, and fair decentralized asset transaction platform that just needs 2 seconds to finalize transactions

NerveDEX is a DEX in the form of an order book. It is realized by on-chain matching. All consensus nodes participate in transaction matching verification to ensure the fairness of each trade.

NerveDEX’s account system is compatible with NerveNetwork’s account system. On NerveDEX you can directly import NerveNetwork private keys and Keystores, and there are no deposit and withdrawal operations. The assets are always in your own account, and the pending order only performs a locking operation, not transferring the ownership of the assets, and the asset exchange operation is only performed after a transaction is validated by the nodes of the network.

NerveNetwork uses the POCBFT consensus algorithm, which enables extremely fast operations and has the ability to punish bad behaving nodes. Currently, it has zero handling fees for transactions inside the network

On NerveDEX, anyone can issue assets by spending a small amount of NVT or through the SCO platform of NULS. It’s also possible for people to create their own pairs.

Host : Please share with us the NerveBridge DApp and how users can interact with assets through multiple chains through this DApp?

Berzeck : NerveBridge is a cross-chain asset DApp based on NerveNetwork that is capable to achieve the circulation of the same project assets in different blockchains in a completely decentralized way. Using NerveBridge can easily carry out asset cross-transfer.

NerveBridge DApp has now launched compatibility with Metamask, Tokenpocket, Nabox, MATH, HyperPay, Bitkeep, ONTO and other wallets.

JSWAP community users can search for “NerveBridge” through the wallet, link to MetaMask, generate a multi-chain address-after confirming the authorization, they can quickly realize the cross-chain transfer of assets between multiple chains.

For example,The picture below shows users transferring assets from Binance Smart Chain BSC to OKExChain through NerveBridge.


When you use NerveBridge DApp for cross-chain transfer, you need to perform 4 authorization signatures according to the prompts. Don’t ask for it halfway. On the contrary, it will affect the one-time cross-chain operation of the asset to the target chain. But please rest assured, because NerveBridge is completely decentralized, the assets will still be in your on-chain wallet.

If it is true that all signatures and authorizations are not completed at one time due to operational errors, the assets will first be transferred to the Nerve network. At this time, it is necessary to exchange the NVT fee before transferring the assets from the Nerve network to the target network.

There are two ways to exchange NVT: 1. Exchange with other assets in NerveBridge Swap or cross-chain exchange; 2. Exchange NVT in BSC ecological Pancakeswap, and then transfer to Nerve network across the chain.

Transfers/transactions within the NerveNetwork network are all zero handling fees, and the gas generated across the chain is charged by all the target chains.

Host : Can you share with us the swap in NerveBridge DApp?

Berzeck : NerveBridge cooperates with the Swft blockchain, and users can quickly realize asset exchange/cross-chain exchange in the NerveBridge DApp. NerveNetwork provides a basic bridge function across the chain here.

We all know: USDT has issued assets in multiple chains, and there is no intercommunication among the chains. Even after the A chain is crossed to the B chain, it cannot be recognized and cannot participate in the ecological application of the current chain. At this time, the cross-chain exchange of assets is involved.

Users can exchange USDT (BSC) for USDT (Heco) across the chain through the swap function of the NerveBride DApp, and then they can participate in the current ecological application. The exchange/cross-chain exchange between other assets is the same, please see the figure below.

Host: How does NerveBridge ensure the security of assets on the chain?

Berzeck : NerveNetwork is an open public chain based on the POC+PBFT consensus. It has final consistency. The cross-chain function is implemented by multi-signature cross-chain contracts. Any operation requires at least 11 virtual bank node account signature verification on the Nerve main network.

The virtual bank conducts dynamic campaigns by pledge of assets of the public chain to ensure the strength of nodes and the association of interests. In the cross-chain process of assets, ownership is managed by a multi-signature mechanism, which is a relatively decentralized solution.

Host :What development plans does NerveNetwork have in the future?

Berzeck : We are docking more assets to use NerveNetwork to help various asset projects achieve cross-chain interoperability with multiple blockchain networks.

Next, we will gradually access mainstream public chains such as BTC, TRON, and Polkadot to meet the needs and friendly experience of more users.

Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to the development of the NerveNetwork project.

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