Africa Ambassador

Hi NULS community,

October has been a busy month for me and Nulstar @GeorgePro.

I have attended 3 events namely:

2 Crypto Club (Mauritius) meetings where we are thinking of using the NULS voting system for the club if the NULS community is OK with that of course.

1 Mauritius Africa Fintech hub event where there were around 200 delegates

Meeting one on one with the Pulsar project about using the NULS blockchain as both the tech for a stable coin in Cameroon and also for Cross Border transfers between Cameroon and Europe. I am also encouraging them to use POCM for fundraising as I strongly believe that they have a really good business model and bright futur.

I have written an article named: “What is wrong in the World today and what Blockchain has to do with it”, and awaiting the Core team to approve it before publishing it online.

Our NULSTAR George Pro organised an AMA with Berzeck during the month and it was very productive.

Here are my expenses for the month:

Revenue from Node: 1900 NULS approx
Budget for Ambassador activities: 950 NULS
Approximate average NULS price during October: Usd 0.23


Fuel / Transportation : 100 NULS
Phone: 100 NULS
Node Operator: 435 NULS
NULS give away at Crypto Club : 100 NULS

So Balance Carried forward: 950- 935 = -15 NULS