About the new official website(V2.Goblinswap) go online announcement

Dear users:

Goblinswap official website will be updated to the V2 version at 18:00 on October 23 (UTC + 8), and liquidity mining will be fully open; please use the only official V2.Goblinswap address, clear the browser history cache and refresh the current page to enter the new official website page Complete liquidity mining operational!!

—— The new official website of V2.Goblinswap:


【 The only official website of Goblinswap! 】

—— Please note:

- Be sure to clear the browser cache and refresh the current page, then login the new official website again!!!

- Be sure to save your important information and wallet private key before cleaning the browser cache!!!

- Be sure to complete the liquidity mining operation on the new official website ( http://v2.goblinswap.org/#/ )!!!

-If you fail to follow the above official tips and cause asset losses, the platform will not be responsible!!!

Goblinswap official platform
October 23, 2020