About Obee Network's Reward Statement for Liquidity Providers

1. Why do we need to inject the capital pool and what are the benefits of injecting the capital pool?
Injecting funds into the pool will bring you more benefits. Because Uniswap is going to the Sinochem exchange, the information is public, there is no market-making team, and the income of the exchange depends on the liquidity and capital pool of each transaction, so transaction fees are high. Uniswap will refund the fee to the person who injects the capital in a certain proportion. The function of the capital pool is equivalent to becoming a market maker and the owner of the project. Therefore, this is a very big reward for those who inject the capital pool.
Secondly, ObeeNetwork will also give extra erc20 OBEE rewards for users who inject into the fund pool and provide liquidity. The rewards are very rich. Look at the details.
2. Specific reward rules
(1) Transaction fee reward
Handling fee reward = daily transaction volume * 0.003 * ratio of your fund pool to the total fund pool.
For example, today’s transaction volume is 90 million US dollars, then the handling fee is 270,000 US dollars, and the proportion of your fund pool is 0.3, then the handling fee you earn in a day is 81,000 US dollars, which is very large.
(2)OBEE rewards
Reward rule: reward five-thousandths of the OBEE injected into the fund pool daily
The number of daily income OBEE = the number of OBEE injected into the fund pool * 0.005, Earnings are only available after a full day, and the earnings are settled every 48 hours.
Ps: Need to inject OBEE with a minimum value of 0.8 ETH.
For example: if you inject 100,000 OBEE into the fund pool, you will get 500 OBEE a day. You will get 15,000 in one month and 180,000 OBEE in one year. This reward is particularly generous.
3. Inject funds into the pool tutorial
First, click the “Add Liquidity” button in the “Capital Pool” interface, and then select a liquidity pool
For example, select ETH/OBEE, and after selecting the liquidity pool, enter the number of currencies to be deposited in the fund pool.
Note that trading pairs are deposited in the fund pool proportionally. For example, if 1 ETH is deposited into the fund pool, then 3 1 5 9 0 OBEE will be deposited.
After the input is completed, click “Approve OBEE” below, then call up the authorization window, authorize, enter a reasonable miner fee, click Next, enter the password to complete the authorization, and then you can inject the fund pool.



Obee Network is a product dedicated to ordinary users entering the blockchain.

Obee Network official website: https://obee.top

Obee Network Social Official Website: https://www.obee.vip

Telegram: https://t.me/ObeeNetwork

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