NVT_OPTION_05 is a NVT option certificate issued by Nerve Foundation. The Nerve Foundation pledged 1,000,000NVT as an underlying option subject to issue a total of 1,000,000 NVT_OPTION_05 options. Name:NVT_05. And the pledge address is : NERVEepb695kNJn5U9zKfduP9zcJHryFv6sYUv


The initial price of each NVT_OPTION_05 option is 0.25 USDT, and the expiration time of the options is 180 days. NVT_OPTION_05 options can be freely traded on NerveDEX.

Exercise: You can exercise with any of the following conditions :

  • NVT’s feeding price reaches more than 0.5USDT for 7 consecutive days: The Nerve Foundation will initiate exercise on NerveDEX, and all NVT_OPTION_05 option holders can exchange their options into NVT assets at 1:1. If the exercise conditions are met within half a year, the annualized return rate of the option is 200%.

  • Exercise after expiration of 180 days: The Nerve Foundation repurchases NVT_OPTION_05 at the initial price of 0.25USDT and allocates the 180 days staking rewards of 1,000,000 NVT to all NVT_OPTION_05 option holders who are participating in the repurchase.The annualized return rate of the option is approximately 30% (the staking return rate of 180 days on the NerveNetwork).


  1. The option is issued on the decentralized chain. If your private key is lost or leaked, the loss will not be recovered.
  2. After meeting the exercise conditions, not taking the initiative to exercise on time may lead to the risk of capital loss.
  3. To participate in the option trading, please make sure to understand the terms of the option and keep your private key for safety.

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