A brief introduction to Obee Network

Obee Network


Obee Network is the first social product dedicated to ordinary users entering the blockchain.

Obee Network’s vision hopes that ordinary users can also use the convenience brought by the blockchain technology, understand the blockchain and protect users’ information 360°, and record every wonderful moment.

The Obee Network social platform will be the first social product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain era. It is an incentive platform based on blockchain socialization, which builds a complete set of decentralized social networks for users to see on Obee Network. The creation of users around the world, forums, hot posts, applications and movies, so that social has no boundaries, you can share wonderful moments with other users anytime, anywhere.

Related Links:

Official website: http://obee.top/
white paper:
Product introduction: https://news.huoxing24.com/20200611131122668529.html

Android version: nabox.io
Apple version: wallet.nuls.io (web wallet)

How to get OBEE?

  1. Everyone can participate in our AMA activities.
  2. Obtain OBEE by participating in the NULS SCO pledge Obee Network project.
    Website: https://pocm.nuls.io/Projects/ProjectsInfo?releaseId=32
  3. Obee Network starts the rebate activity, everyone can participate in Staking to get OBEE.
    Download link: https://www.fanbi.com/
    At the same time, a million answering activity has also started on the rebate. Millions of OBEE are waiting for you to get ฅ( ˃̶˙ω˙˂̶ ฅ)

For more information, please follow the official public number of Obee Network: