2021 March/April Spanish Report

Hi hi,

-After several requests, I am the owned @NulsES since the end of May. I finally have the permits to be able to work on it.

-Twitter has grown quite well, from 120 followers to 313. Most are Spanish speakers.

-News and posts have been updated and translated daily on both Twitter and Medium.

-The SEO plans in Spanish are already being carried out. MundoNuls was launched where the news has been published since January and videos and tutorials will be uploaded. If you find any fault, any idea or something to improve write me at Nologa93

-For the premiere of the new website. A draw of 100 NULS has been made among all those who have liked this tweet.Winner y TXid are here.

-At the same time, the idea that I put in my candidacy this Q2 is being executed. Users will be able to find basic information (different from the one in POCM) in Spanish of all SCO projects have the whitepaper/website in https://mundonuls.es/sco/.

-The AMA that I spoke in my last (and first haha) report with a Blockchain group in Barcelona will be done privately online at the end of this month. I will ask to record it on video to upload it to MundoNuls. No more AMAs will be made until the Block World Tour and T-shirts will be given away at this last event.

-Finally, Cryptobuyer has been contacted to list Nerve at https://pro.cryptobuyer.io/. Users will be able to exchange Nerve for USDT and pay at different stores (they have an agreement with PizzaHut, Burguerking and different supermarkets) or make withdrawals at their ATMs in Venezuela and Panama. The listing will be this week and some details to be polished. More info about them: https://cryptobuyer.io/en/ https://twitter.com/cryptobuyer

I don’t want to spam links also I do not have them saved in doc :sweat_smile: . Please, check Twitter, Medium and MundoNuls if you want to confirm.