2021 January/February Spanish Report

This is my first report as ambassador and I sincerely have to thank the Portuguese community (especially Viriato) for all the support they have given me and Berzerk, he has solved some problems and set up my node the 1 March.

It’s not really an easy job, I didn’t expect the Spanish/LATAM community to be zero from the beginning and there is a lot of work to do. To increase community, I am focusing my efforts on affiliating with other communities and groups to join Nuls.

JANUARY (only 1 week since elected?):

Basically I was planning and seeing the stage for the next month, I couldn’t do much. I created Twitter and Medium in Spanish to translate all the news and spread Nuls in Spanish, the Reddit account was also created but since there is not much public on this platform (about Nuls) I have not developed any plan to dedicate time to this platform .


I started to work a little blind. Twitter has been kept active translating @Nuls tweets and we have 112 followers (very few yet). I have also translated all the posts on Medium almost immediately or few hours delayed. I’m not going to put each and every one of the links, you can check it here:


An AMA was made with the OKEX Spanish community, in the AMA a giveaway of $ 200 was made (100 by OKEX promotion and 100 by me). To get them, participants had to make a $ 100 trade in Nuls on their exchange. The prizes were awarded among all the participants (10 winners).

Participants were invited to join to NulsEspañol Telegram channel to enter to another draw (apart) of100 Nuls so I promoted the Spanish community a bit. All members of the channel participated in the contest (except the Nuls team obviously) and had a limit on March 1. Just yesterday the award was presented.


I spoke with some friends and they put me in contact with TerritorioBlockchain, this is a big group crypto news channel in Spanish, where they do podcast/videos and are affiliated with other blockchain projects. Through my contact, they agreed to do a podcast about Nuls. They put me in their private group but we have not set a date yet.

I communicated with a local Blockchain group in Barcelona, ​​where they do weekly or monthly meetups. They accepted my proposal to do one about Nuls. There are usually about 30-40 members depending on the average. This is “frozen” for now pending the assembly regulations here. They are currently doing meetups online but I’ll wait a little more. Why? They gave me a discount if I bought another 9 shirts and my intention was to distribute them among the members :slight_smile: . This is mine:

There are more things, but nothing “solid” or has not been started, it should not make sense to put them here now.


Edit: I forgot to put it, don’t pay much attention to the cover and the Twitter logo. It’s just a temporary botched job. I have 0 knowledge about graphic design and I have already talked to a friend to change it


Thank you for your work. If you need some support, you can discuss it with the council members.

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二月在尝试中不断工作,刚开始时其实有些盲目。 Twitter一直在积极翻译@Nuls相关新闻,我们有112位关注者(还很少)。我持续关注推特新闻,基本上会立马或者在几个小时内就会翻译Medium上的所有帖子。 我就不一一分享链接啦,这是西班牙推特和medium账号,欢迎关注:https://twitter.com/NulsEspanol


活动参与者被邀请加入NulsEspañol 电报群,进入另100NULS的抽奖(除了NULS团队),这也是为壮大西班牙社区进行的版砖添瓦。群内所有的成员都参加了比赛,并在3月1日进行了限制。


为什么呢?因为如果我再买9件NULS T恤衫,他们就会给我打折,我打算把它们分发给参会会员们,这也是宣传NULS的一种方式。


NULS 冲冲冲!